How to exchange a product or license purchase

Sometimes a shop owner will have a product listed under several different formats such as the same theme for different sites. For example, the seller of a presentation might offer the same design in both Powerpoint and Keynote format.

If you purchased the wrong format, simply buy the version you meant to purchase and contact us. We’ll then refund the original purchase.

Please remember to specify which one version of the product you would like to keep!

Q: I meant to purchase the Extended License, but I purchased the Standard License accidentally!
A: If you've already purchased a product, but you purchased the wrong license for it, go ahead and purchase the license you want. After that,contact Support. When we get your message, we’ll happily refund your purchase of the unwanted license. Your receipt will then list your second license purchase as the one you own, and you would therefore now be bound by the terms of that license. 

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