Notifying Customers of Product Updates

To notify all your buyers when you update a product please do the following.

  1. On the product page, click Edit on the top right.
  2. On the right, click the X to remove the product files
  3. Upload the updated product files
  4. Click Save as For Sale / Save All Changes
  5. A pop up box will then appear allowing you to write an message that will be sent to all your buyers*. Be sure to check the box that says [ ] Notify customers of this update.
  6. You can also choose not to notify buyers of an update by unchecking "Notify customers of this update"
  7. Click Save Product to update and notify your buyers

NOTE: Only your buyers with the email notification "Products you've purchased are updated" checked on will receive a notification. If a customer wants to update the product, they’ll be able to log into their account to download the latest version of the product for free from the product page or their purchases

Product Update Best Practices

To help your customers get the most out of your latest product update, here are some guidelines we recommend following when you write your product update:


  • List improvements you made to your product
  • Describe bugs you corrected or fixed
  • Described elements, features, or files you've added to enhance the product
  • Keep the update description relevant to the product being updated


  • Use this simply to advertise a completely different product in your shop, without providing any details about the product you've updated.*
  • Use this feature to spam your customers about promotions you're running in your shop.

*NOTE: If you would like to run a promotion in your shop, we recommend you use our Shop Updates feature to share a promotion with your followers, rather than using the update message feature.

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