How can my product become a Free Good?

You can submit any of your existing products as a Free Good directly from your Shop Settings. Please note that you will need at least 4 products in your shop in order to submit a free good. Once your item is scheduled, this is also where you will see more details about your upcoming feature. 


You are limited to submitting 5 Free Goods at one time, so make sure you pick carefully! If you want to submit a different Item and you already have 5 Items in line, please click on the X next to the Item you want to remove to make space for the new Item.

We have a very large queue of Free Goods that shop owners have submitted since we started. Currently, we select six weekly to run as Free Goods. Products submitted on or after June 20, 2017, may be used as a Free Good or a Bonus Free Good. Check out the Bonus Free Good FAQ

Selection is not based on the date submitted so we don't guarantee if or when a specific product will be selected. We do this to ensure the highest quality products make it into the Free Goods email. Below is a list of some of the criteria we use each week when choosing new ones:

  • Does the shop have avatars/shop banners?
  • Are the other products popular or highly rated?
  • Are there at least four products?
  • Are there a mix of products targeting different types of customers?
  • Are the products unique or very different from others in the same category?

Read about what to expect when your product is a Free Good–including fellow Shop Owner's experience! 

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