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How to Add Screenshots

You can add up to 100 screenshots per product listing. To add a screenshot, just click “Add image” near the top center of the listing editor. Here are our requirements for screenshots:

  • Screenshots must be at least 580px by 386px in dimensions. We recommend at least 1820px wide for best results.
  • Screenshots must be smaller than 5MB in file size
  • We accept .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF formats
  • You must include at least 1 screenshot per listing besides any videos (e.g 1+ screenshot(s), or 1+ screenshot(s) + 1 video)

Screenshots that fall outside of the bounds above may generate an “Invalid signature error.”

Screenshots do not have to fall within the ratio above! You can create extra long displays, like this one, to show off your product features or optimize your product for Pinterest. You can do this by creating a tall image in Photoshop or Illustrator. Keep in mind that display images must be less than 5MB, and only the top portion of your screenshot will be displayed in our thumbnails across the site. However, the customers can check out your entire screenshot by clicking on the screenshot.

How to Reorder Screenshots

When you're editing your product, simply drag the thumbnails around to re-order them. After you're done, save as a Draft or save as for sale.

How to Add a Watermark

While uploading or editing a product, hover over the current screenshot you have selected. You'll see a water drop icon in the top right corner. Clicking that will enable a watermark on your screenshot. 


Products pictured: Woodblock Printing Press Kit by Ian Barnard • The Brush Studio by Ornaments of Grace 

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