What do you look for in new shops?

A real human being (and artist) reviews each shop request. Some of the things we consider are:

  • Excitement and wow factor. We have lots of great stuff already and your creations cause our jaws to drop wider.
  • Uniqueness. You don’t play it safe, can better what’s already here, and your work stands by itself.
  • Quality. Everything you make gets better and better. You’re aware it’s the tiny details, the small style choices and finishing touches that turn an okay design into something beautiful. Your visual elements are just as smooth as your technical skills.
  • Solid portfolio. We'd like to see at least 10 to 20 examples of your work to evaluate you in a as fair a manner as possible. Seeing more from you here shows us the consistency and progress of your work.

Please make sure you send us a complete, online portfolio. We won't be able to look at attachments or downloads.

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