How do product updates work?

NOTE: This article refers specifically to your account on Creative Market. You can learn more about managing your account on Creative Market Pro in this section.

From time to time, shop owners may update their products, and you may get an email notification informing you of a product update. Updating a purchase is always free! Here's how to download an product update:

  • Make sure you're logged into your Creative Market account 
  • Visit the product page, or follow the link in your email to visit the product page.
  • Click "Download Now." 
  • The updated product will download to your computer, and you can delete the old version if you want.

NOTE: We do not currently auto-sync to your Dropbox when a product update is released. To manually re-sync a purchase with Dropbox after it's been updated, visit your purchases, and click the small rotating arrow icon to re-sync.

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