Creative Market Figma Plugin - FAQ for Shop Owners

As a Creative Market Shop Owner, your products are now available to thousands of Figma users!

Introducing Creative Market for Figma - a new plugin that allows Figma users to sample and source thousands of Creative Market assets without leaving the app.

How can I take advantage of this opportunity to sell more products to a wider audience of Figma users?

  • The plugin pulls .png and .jpg files. Prepare your products! Re-export assets whenever possible to cater to Figma users.
  • Describe a few ways product designers might benefit from using your product
  • Share the news with your colleagues and customers
  • Check out your products in Figma! Just search for the asset’s name and give the plugin a try (see how to install the plugin below).

I want to check it out. How can I install the plugin?

  • Go to Figma’s Plugin Marketplace.
  • Search for “Creative Market” or click here and install the plugin.
  • Browse or search through our catalog of curated photos, icons, objects, illustrations, patterns, frames, textures, and web elements.
  • Sample watermarked assets directly within your design by dropping them into your Figma frames.
  • If you like what you see, purchase the high-resolution asset straight from the plugin.


How should my products be optimized for the plugin?

  • Sample-able product files are either jpegs or pngs. If possible, ensure your products can be sampled by providing product files in these formats.
  • Keep in mind that other file formats (including PDF instructions) will not be supported by the plugin

What happens when a customer inserts a sample of my product?

The difference between a product file and a sample is that the sample will appear in Figma as lower in resolution and has watermarks. The user will only receive the full resolution version once the asset has been purchased.

What licenses does the plugin offer for products?

  • Commercial & Extended Commercial Licenses are offered in the plugin. (Personal Licenses are not offered in plugin at this time)

Why don’t I see some of my products in the plugin’s catalog?

  • Not every product on Creative Market is available in the plugin. (Ex. Fonts, 3D products)
  • Product categories that are currently available include Photos, Icons, Illustrations, Objects, Patterns, Textures, and Web Elements

If I update my product to include JPG and PNG files, will my product automatically appear in the plugin’s catalog?

As long as your product falls into any of the categories listed above and contains supported files (png or jpeg), it should appear in the plugins catalog.

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