Introducing the Creative Market Plugin for Figma

Creative Market has been the go-to destination for professional designers since 2012. With the new Creative Market plugin, you can level up your designs with original icons, photos, and illustrations by independent creators — right within Figma! The Creative Market plugin is a world of design at your fingertips.

With the Creative Market plugin, you can now:

  • Maintain flow: Stay focused and creative. Avoid costly context switching dragging assets directly into your Figma frames.
  • Sample assets quickly: Sampling assets is free. Try individual watermarked designs until you find the perfect fit. Full-resolution assets start as low as $2.
  • Keep track of your favorites: This plugin saves a history of the assets you’ve curated, tried, and purchased. Never forget that illustration’s name again!
  • Explore within products: Look within a product and test out different components without leaving Figma.

I’m new to Figma. How can I get started with the app?

If you are new to Figma, there are two different ways to get started - either through your Browser or through the Desktop app - which you will need to install. You can create an account as a Starter (Free), Professional, or an Organization.


Desktop app

  • You can download the desktop version of the app from here. (Please note there are separate downloads for macOS and Windows.)
  • After following the download instructions, open the Figma app to get started!

How do I install the Creative Market plugin?

  • Go to Figma’s Plugin Marketplace.
  • Search for “Creative Market” or click here and install the plugin. After installing the plugin, you may need to refresh Figma in your browser or restart Figma (if you're using the desktop version.)
  • Browse or search through our catalog of curated photos, icons, objects, illustrations, patterns, frames, textures, and web elements.
  • Sample watermarked assets directly within your design by dropping them into your Figma frames. 
  • If you like what you see, purchase the high-resolution asset straight from the plugin. (Note that watermarked assets will need to be redownloaded and repositions when you purchase the asset.)

This plugin also keeps a history of what you’ve sampled and purchased- very handy if you’re going back and forth between assets!

How do I use the Creative Market plugin?

  • Drop background photos straight into your website’s sections
  • Try a specific icon in your site’s new navigation
  • Quickly put together a mood-board for a branding client
  • Complement your illustrations with pre-designed elements
  • Put together social media posts by dropping in frames, photos, and objects
  • Overlay subtle grain or dust over your project’s images for an aged effect. Play with Figma’s blend modes.




Are all Creative Market products offered in the plugin?

  • Not every product on Creative Market is available in the plugin. Categories currently not offered include Fonts, 3D, Native Figma files, and Templates, and Themes (Wordpress/Drupal, etc).
  • Product categories that are currently available include Photos, Icons, Illustrations, Objects, Patterns, Textures, and Web Elements.

I’m looking for a specific Creative Market product in the plugin, but I can’t find it.

  • A reason for this may be that the product doesn’t fall into the above categories, or because the product does not contain supported product file types (png or jpeg)
  • You may still access and purchase the product you have in mind on

Can I use the plugin with an existing Creative Market account?

Yes. Upon installing the plugin, you will be prompted to log into your Creative Market account

Can I access other products I’ve already purchased in the plugin?

Yes, you may access products purchased in the plugin by navigating to the My Items section and clicking into Purchases. However, keep in mind that not all of your past purchases may be compatible with the plugin.


Can I use the plugin to update account settings or add a credit card?

You may enter credit/debit card details to complete your purchase within the plugin, however, any updates to your Creative Market account must be made on the website.

How do I access samples I’ve already tried?

The plugin keeps history of what you’ve sampled and previously purchased enabling you to quickly recall what you’ve used in the past. In the plugin, navigate to the My Items section and click Samples.

When I purchase a product, do the samples I’ve used from that product automatically remove the watermark?

When you find something you like, you can quickly sample a watermarked asset directly within your design by dropping into the Figma Frame. If you like it, simply purchase the full product to download the high-resolution asset.

After purchase, downloaded samples do not update to unwatermarked assets. You must re-download the file and reposition it in your project.

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