Where's my purchase?

Once logged in to your Creative Market account, you can view all of your purchases from your purchases page. You can also download them and generate receipts and invoices.

Q: Help! I’m logged in, but I don’t see any purchases!
A: Is it possible that you’re logged into a different account? Sometimes it’s easy to create two or more accounts, especially if you sign in with Facebook or have two or more emails. We’d recommend that you try logging into any other accounts you might have. If you’re not sure, we’d be happy to help! Just contact us, and we can look up your account using your email address or Order ID (found on any download or purchase receipt) and help you locate your purchases.

Q: I made a purchase, but haven't received the product I bought, and I have only one account.
A: It's possible that while you were trying to purchase a product, you purchased credits but did not actually download the product yet. You can find all of your purchases on your purchases page, so if you purchased a product, it will appear here. However, if you purchased credits, you’ll see your credits reflected in your account balance (in the top right corner).

Q: Do my purchases expire?
A: Once you purchase something, even a bundle, you can log into your account and download the items whenever you want. Your purchases never expire. You can access individual products from the product page (as long as they are available on the marketplace) and you can access all of your purchases from your purchases page, even if they are no longer available on the marketplace. To download products here, just click the small downward pointing arrow on the right.

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