2017 Tax Season Guide (for tax year 2016)

It's tax season once again! Here's a helpful guide that puts the most important information all in one place. We hope this will help you as you start to file your taxes.  

Your 2016 tax statements are now available! You can view a breakdown of your gross earnings, net earnings, bundle sales, and withholdings. You can also download a PDF statement. Though this statement is not a legal tax document, it provides all of the amounts broken down to help you get a head start on filing your taxes. For a handy guide to interpreting your tax statement, please check out this FAQ.

Important Dates

  1. US Shop Owners: You should receive your form 1099 in the mail by the end of February.
  2. Foreign Shop Owners: You should receive your form 1042 in the mail by the last week in March. 

All forms were mailed to the address on file as of January 1, 2017.

Important FAQs from our Help Center

  1. Tax Statement FAQ 
  2. Tax FAQ for US Shop Owners  
  3. Tax FAQ for Foreign Shop Owners 
  4. All about Taxes and Withholdings

NOTE: If these dates are past and you still don't have your tax form, or if you have any other questions about taxes, please contact support and we'd be happy to help!

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