Bonus Free Good Program Shop Owner FAQ

What are Bonus Free Goods?
This is part of Creative Market’s Customer Loyalty Program that offers Bonus Free Goods to customers who meet a spending threshold each week. When a customer meets the spending threshold, they unlock Bonus Free Goods. We’ve carefully tested the program to ensure that it is value adding for both shops and customers and are excited to launch in summer 2017. When it launches, we’ll have three more Free Good slots (called Bonus Free Goods) available each week, giving more shop owners the opportunity to be featured! 
Read more about recent changes to our Free Goods program. 
What is the difference between Free Goods and Bonus Free Goods?
  • “Free Goods” will be set as "Free" for all Creative Market users during an upcoming 1-week period.
  • “Bonus Free Goods” will be shown as products that customers can unlock as free downloads only by spending $15 or more on Creative Market. 
  • For both types of free goods, we'll promote your shop and top paid products on our Free Goods page and in our Free Goods email newsletter.
How long will a Bonus Free Good be available?
Just like all the Free Goods, three bonus free goods will be available each week during the promotion starting on Monday at 12:00 AM CT (UTC-6). The previous week’s free bonus goods expire at 11:59 pm CT (UTC-6) Sunday and will no longer be available once a new week begins. 
How will Bonus Free Goods be selected?
Starting today, any products that are submitted to the Free Goods queue will be entered into consideration for both the Free Goods” and the Bonus Free Good” slots. There will be one queue for both types of Free Goods. 
What about items that were submitted to the Free Goods queue before this program?
Items that are currently in the Free Goods queue and were submitted before June 20, 2017 will only be considered for the traditional Free Goods” slots, since this is the program the Shop Owner agreed to submit to when putting his/her items in the queue. If you have an item like this in the queue, and you would like for it to be considered for both the Free Goods and the Bonus Free Goods slots, you can remove the item and resubmit it at any time.
What license comes with a Bonus Free Good?
All of the Free Goods are covered by the Standard License (with the exception of free Wordpress themes- those come with the GPL 2.0). When you download a Free Good, you receive 1 license that allows you to use that item in a single project or End Product.
Will Creative Market still offer 6 free goods each week?   
Yes, Creative Market and our generous Shop Owners will continue to offer 6 free goods each week. Bonus Free Goods are a little something extra available to qualified customers. 

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