What to Expect when your product is a Creative Market Free Good or Bonus Free Good

Is your product going to be offered as a Free Good or a Bonus Free Good (read about recent changes to the Creative Market Free Goods program)? If so, this article will tell you what to expect from participating, offer tips on what you can do to prepare for the promotion, and provide links to discussion posts where you can read about experiences other shop owners have had while their products are on offer in the Free Goods program.
If you're not familiar with recent changes to the Free Goods Program, check them out here
Get ready for all the comments. 
Your Free Good will receive thousands of views and downloads; with that will come comments, likes, and reviews. Most comments will consist of community members thanking you for a great product, but you should also expect a fair amount questions regarding product specs and use. 
While your product is a Free Good you will not be able to delete it or make any changes to the product file. So, once you’re notified that your product will soon be scheduled to be a Free Good, its good to review the product and make any updates or changes needed to minimize confusion and questions. For example:
  • Make sure your product file is well organized and the assets are clearly labeled.
  • Include a ReadMe file in the download that contains any necessary instructions. 
  • Make sure your description includes helpful details regarding product specifications, program compatibility, fonts used (if a template, etc), and any other helpful tips. 
  • Be ready to respond to messages and comments in a timely manner. Remember that the Creative Market Support Team is here to help, too!
To help you address common questions, check out the articles and FAQs in our Support Center. A great place to start are the sections on Technical Support  & Troubleshooting and Licensing & Use Cases.
Sales and views on your other products may increase, too.
While not guaranteed, most Shop Owners experience a general increase in activity across their shop while their Free Good is on offer. This includes sales on other products, views, recommendations, and followers. For this reason, it’s a good idea to spruce up your shop a bit before your Free Good goes live. We recommend considering the following:
  • Take a minute and update your shop banner, making sure it represents your products and brand. 
  • If you haven’t updated your shop bio recently, consider giving it a good edit before the week of your Free Good offer
  • Remember, you can organize the order of the products in your shop. Consider where your Free Good falls in your shop and surround it with complimentary products. 
Promote your Free Good!
  1. Creative Market promotes the weekly Free Goods via an email and various social media channels. Join the party and share your Free Good with all of your followers! 
  2. The Creative Market Shop Updates feature becomes more effective as you gain more followers. Consider using this tool to promote your Free Good. As your follower count increases, use this tool to let your new followers know about other products you have that may compliment the Free Good.
  3. Do you have a blog our website? Check out the new Product Embed tool and embed your Free Good right on your site. 
Read about other Shop Owners Experiences with free goods. 
Check out these great Discussions posts by Creative Market Community members!
  1. Daniel Feldt shared a very in-depth description about his experience offering a Free Good.
  2. Tonya Tison let the community know how offering a Free Good affected her newer Creative Market shop.
  3. Miclaus Razvan created a Discussions thread where he offered updated stats throughout the week while his Free Good was live.

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