The Shop Owner's Guide to Free Goods

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How to Offer a Free Good

You can submit any of your existing products as a Free Good directly from your Shop Settings


Once your item is scheduled, this is also where you will see more details about your free goods feature. If the item is currently free or was free in the past, you'll be able to see how many downloads the item had. If your item was selected, you'll see the date on which your free good will be featured. If your item hasn't been reviewed yet, but hasn't timed out, you'll see "Pending" and you can cancel the submission if you wish:


Please note the following requirements to submit a free good:

  • You will need at least 2 products in your shop in order to submit a free good.
  • Drafted products cannot be submitted for Free Goods.
  • Products that exceed 150 MB in download size are ineligible to be Free Goods to help keep our Free Goods downloading process a positive experience.
  • You are limited to submitting 5 Free Goods at one time, so make sure you pick carefully! If you want to submit a different Item and you already have 5 Items in line, please click on the X next to the Item you want to remove to make space for the new Item.

Read about what to expect when your product is a Free Good below! You can also read about a few fellow Shop Owners' experiences

What license comes with Free Goods?
All Free Goods are licensed as follows:

About the Free Goods Selection Process

The Free Goods program is a very popular promotion opportunity, leading to hundreds of products being submitted for consideration every month. However, we can only select 6 products weekly, as well as 3 additional Bonus Goods for our loyalty program, to feature as Free Goods.

Selection is not based on the date submitted, so we don't guarantee if or when a specific product will be selected. We do this to ensure the highest quality products make it into the Free Goods email. Below is a list of some of the criteria we use each week when choosing new ones:

  • Does the shop have avatars/shop banners?
  • Are the other products popular or highly rated?
  • Are there at least 2 active products?
  • Are there a mix of products targeting different types of customers?
  • Are the products unique or very different from others in the same category?

(You can learn more about our Bonus Free Goods program in this FAQ.)

Additionally, the following features will help the Creative Market team give Shop Owners a timely understanding of the status of their submission:

Submission Cap

Each Shop Owner may have no more than five free goods submitted at a given time. This cap helps keep the queue from being artificially inflated, allowing our staff to better stay on top of daily submissions. It also keeps the quality of the queue high, ensuring that shop owners are narrowing down their offerings to the five items they think will work best for free goods.

Regular Queue Curation

Our Curation Team curates our Free Goods submission queue on a regular basis. If you've submitted a free good, you'll know within a week if the item you've submitted is not a good fit for our Free Goods program.

  • Not a Good Fit - With so many potential Free Goods being submitted to the queue every month and with only a few slots a week to fill, we unfortunately cannot use every product that shop owners submit to the queue. If your item is not a good fit for the Free Goods program, you will get an email notification within one week of your item being submitted to the queue.
  • A Good Fit - If the item you submitted seems like it could be a good fit for the Free Goods program, it will remain in the Free Goods “Pending” queue for a time, and it will be up for consideration each week as our staff puts together the weekly Free Goods offering. You will not receive an email if your good remains in the pending queue.

Scheduled Free Good Notifications

Having a product in the weekly Free Goods is a great promotion opportunity, and it’s also a really great experience! Even so, all of the new followers, likes, comments, views, and messages have the potential to put some extra work on your plate. You may even want to invest some extra time into your shop and your products before your Free Good goes live, in order to make sure your shop is looking as great as possible during your increased influx of traffic. For these reasons, when your product is selected to be a Free Good, you will get an email about a week before it goes live, allowing you to prepare.

Six-Month Time Out Period

In order to ensure that the Free Goods pending queue does not become too unwieldy for our team, we've implemented a six-month time-out period for all items submitted as free goods. This means that no item will ever be in the queue for longer than six months. As soon as an item you’ve submitted has been in the queue for longer than six months, you will be sent an email notifying you that while we enjoyed your item, we weren’t able to find a spot for it in our Free Goods lineup, so it was removed from the queue. You will be free to resubmit timed out items for reconsideration at any time.

Note: While this could potentially happen to any item, products that are somewhat niche or are positioned for a specific season are more susceptible to “timing out.”

What if my product didn't get chosen as a free good?

Due to the large volume of Free Goods submissions that we receive, only a small percentage of items can be featured in our Free Goods program. Because of this we often have to be very selective when it comes to which items will be featured on a given week.
Below are some common reasons why a product may not be featured:

  • The product doesn’t align with the level of quality we offer through the Free Goods program.
  • The product was too niche for our broad audience.
  • The product was seasonal in a way that was not currently relevant for a feature.
  • The product lacked a full description or a full set of screenshots.
  • The product featured content that was deemed inappropriate for our audience.

Due to the amount of Free Good submissions that we review on a daily basis, we’re not able to offer personalized feedback for every rejected item.

We appreciate you taking the time to participate in our Free Goods program. If you’re still interested in offering one of your products up as a Free Good, please feel free to submit a new product that may be a better fit.

Getting your Product Ready to offer as a Free Good

Congrats! Your product has been selected for our Free Goods. Here's what you can expect from participating. Read further for some tips on what to do to prepare for the promotion. 

Get ready for all the traffic!

Your Free Good will receive thousands of views and downloads; with that will come comments, likes, and reviews. Many comments may consist of community members thanking you for a great product, but also expect questions regarding product specs and use. In anticipation of this, consider what your customers will want to know beforehand.

While your product is a Free Good you will not be able to delete it or make any changes to the product file. Therefore, once you’re notified that your product will soon be scheduled to be a Free Good, it’s a good idea to review the product and make any updates or changes needed to minimize confusion and questions. For example:

  • Make sure your product file is well-organized and the assets are clearly labeled.
  • Include a ReadMe file in the download that contains any necessary instructions. 
    Make sure your description includes helpful details regarding product specifications, program compatibility, fonts used (if a template, etc), and any other helpful tips. 
  • Upload your product as a .zip file. Other formats, such as RAR or 7z, are not recommended.
  • Be ready to respond to messages and comments in a timely manner. Remember that the Creative Market Support Team is here to help, too!

To help you address common questions, check out the articles and FAQs in our Help Center. A great place to start are the sections on Technical Support & Troubleshooting and Licensing & Use Cases.

Sales and views on your other products may increase, too

While not guaranteed, most Shop Owners experience a general increase in traffic to their shop while their Free Good is live. This includes sales on other products, views, reviews, and followers. For this reason, it’s a good idea to spruce up your shop a bit before your Free Good goes live. We recommend considering the following:

  • Take a minute and update your shop banner, making sure it represents your products and brand. 
  • If you haven’t updated your shop bio recently, consider doing so before the week of your Free Good offer. 
  • Remember, you can organize the order of the products in your shop! Consider where your Free Good falls in your shop and surround it with complementary products. 

Promote your Free Good!

  1. Creative Market promotes the weekly Free Goods via an email and various social media channels. Join the party and share your Free Good with all of your followers! 
  2. The Creative Market Shop Updates feature becomes more effective as you gain more followers. Consider using this tool to promote your Free Good. As your follower count increases, use this tool to let your new followers know about other products you have that may complement the Free Good.
  3. Do you have a blog or website? Check out our Product Embed tool and embed your Free Good right on your site. 

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