Changes to the Creative Market Free Goods program

The Creative Market team has been working hard to update the Free Goods program to create a better experience for shop owners and customers alike. Read on to learn what’s new! 

Shorter Wait Times & Clarity Around Submission Status

The Free Goods program is a very popular promotion opportunity, leading to hundreds of products being submitted for consideration every month. This has sometimes caused quite a long wait time between submitting a product for consideration and getting a response. The following changes will help shop owners have a better, and more timely, understanding of the status of their submission.
Submission Cap
In February we introduced a cap that allows each shop owner to have no more than five free goods submitted at a given time. This cap helps keep the queue from being artificially inflated, allowing our staff to better stay on top of daily submissions. It also keeps the quality of the queue high, ensuring that shop owners are narrowing down their offerings to the five items they think will work best for free goods.
A Fresh Start
Recently, there has been a large number of items sitting in the Free Goods queue. Much of this is due to many shops, over multiple years, submitting their entire libraries to the queue at once. This has made the queue unwieldy, difficult to navigate, and has led to many items being lost in the queue for months, or even years. In order to make the Free Goods submission process a better experience for shop owners moving forward, on June 20th we removed all items that had been in the queue for more than six months. This has brought the queue down to a much more manageable amount, which will allow our staff to more easily curate it.
Regular Queue Curation
Now that the Free Goods queue is in a much more manageable state, our staff will be able to curate the queue on a regular basis. This means shop owners should now know within a week if the item they’ve submitted is or is not a good fit for the Free Goods program.
  • Not a Good Fit - With so many potential Free Goods being submitted to the queue every month and with only a few slots a week to fill, we, unfortunately, cannot use every product that shop owners submit to the queue. If your item is not a good fit for the Free Goods program, you will get an email notification within one week of your item being submitted to the queue.
  • A Good Fit - If the item you submitted seems like it could be a good fit for the Free Goods program, it will remain in the Free Goods Pending” queue for a time, and it will be up for consideration each week as our staff puts together the weekly Free Goods offering. You will not receive an email if your good remains in the pending queue.
Scheduled Free Good Notifications
Having a product in the weekly Free Goods is a great promotion opportunity, and it’s also a really great experience. Even so, all of the new followers, likes, comments, views, and messages have the potential to put some extra work on your plate. You may even want to invest some extra time into your shop and your products before your Free Good goes live, in order to make sure your shop is looking as great as possible during your increased influx of traffic. For these reasons, now when your product is selected to be a Free Good, you will get an email about a week before it goes live, allowing you to prepare.
Six-Month Time Out Period
In order to ensure that the Free Goods pending queue does not become too unwieldy again, we’ll be implementing a six-month time out period” for all items in this queue moving forward. This means that no item will ever be in the queue for longer than six months. As soon as an item you’ve submitted has been in the queue for longer than six months, you will be sent an email notifying you that while we enjoyed your item, we weren’t able to find a spot for it in our Free Goods lineup, so it was removed from the queue. You will be free to resubmit timed out items for reconsideration at any time.
  • Note: While this could potentially happen to any item, products that are somewhat niche or are positioned for a specific season are more susceptible to timing out.”

More Free Goods Slots = More Opportunities

Starting soon, we’ll be opening up more Free Goods slots every week. Here’s what you need to know:
Creative Market Loyalty Program 
Some of you may have noticed that we’ve been testing out a Creative Market Loyalty Program that offers Bonus Free Goods to customers who spend a certain amount of money in a given amount of time. The results are in from these tests, and they’re looking great for customers, shop owners, and Creative Market! The Creative Market Loyalty Program is set to go live this summer. When it launches, we’ll have three more Free Good slots (called Bonus Free Goods) available each week, giving more shop owners the opportunity to be featured! 
What is the difference between Free Goods and Bonus Free Goods?
  • “Free Goods” will be set as "Free" for all Creative Market users during an upcoming 1-week period.
  • “Bonus Free Goods” will be shown as products that customers can unlock as free downloads only by spending $15 or more on Creative Market. Learn more in our Bonus Free Goods Shop FAQ
  • For both types of free goods, we'll promote your shop and top paid products on our Free Goods page and in our Free Goods email newsletter.
How will Bonus Free Goods be selected?
Starting June 20th, any products that are submitted to the Free Goods queue will be entered into consideration for both the Free Goods” and the Bonus Free Good” slots. There will be one queue for both types of Free Goods. This means all of the info above, about updates to the Free Goods queue, applies to Bonus Free Goods as well.
What about items that were submitted to the Free Goods before June 20th?
Items that are currently in the Free Goods queue and were submitted before June 20, 2017 will only be considered for the traditional Free Goods” slots since this is the program the Shop Owner agreed to submit to when putting his/her items in the queue. If you have an item like this in the queue, and you would like for it to be considered for both the Free Goods and the Bonus Free Goods slots, you can remove the item and resubmit it at any time.


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