Why Didn’t My Product Become a Free Good?

Due to the large volume of Free Goods submissions that we receive, only a small percentage of items can be featured in our Free Goods program. Because of this we often have to be very selective when it comes to which items will be featured on a given week.
Below are some common reasons why a product may not be featured:
  • The product doesn’t align with the level of quality we offer through the Free Goods program.
  • The product was too niche for our broad audience.
  • The product was seasonal in a way that was not currently relevant for a feature.
  • The product lacked a full description or a full set of screenshots.
  • The product featured content that was deemed inappropriate for our audience.
Due to the amount of Free Good submissions that we review on a daily basis, we’re not able to offer personalized feedback for every rejected item.
We appreciate you taking the time to participate in our Free Goods program. If you’re still interested in offering one of your products up as a Free Good, please feel free to submit a new product, that may be a better fit, here.

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