I received less money than I requested for my bank wire. Why?

While Creative Market does not charge shop owners for requesting their payouts via bank wires, wire requests are sometimes subject to fees by the receiving bank. This means your bank or correspondent bank has charged you money for processing and/or receiving the wire.

Because every bank is different, you will need to ask your bank about potential fees that they may charge you. In general, any international wire transfer sent in USD over $500.00 will incur a $20 fee from the correspondent banks. The international bank may also charge an additional fee on top of the $20. The fees we have seen typically range from $20 - $50.

Please note that we only send bank wires in USD; we are not able to send wires in other currencies at this time.

Again, Creative Market does NOT charge you a fee for your bank wire request. Any fees incurred is a result of your bank charging you a fee, which can include (but is not limited to) a receiving fee, currency conversion fee, and/or correspondent bank fee. Please contact your bank to learn more about the fees you could be charged. 

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